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Are you looking for vegan cakes based in Sheffield? Scoffingtons™ are 100% vegan and perfect for parties or something a little more indulgent.

Scoffingtons™, your new favourite.

Chocolate cake + ganache + crumbs + frosting = HEAVEN.

The Scoffington is a new style of cake we have created and trademarked (just in case anyone wants to try and copy it) and has become our signature product, and we are super proud of it!

Our Scoffington flavours are very important to us and we have lots on offer! But if you don’t see what you like, talk to us as we can offer a bespoke service.

Our chefs Andy and Wendy, the latter being a Roux brothers trained chef, are the magic and brainchild behind this piece of heaven. Their life revolves around the luxurious cake and so it should! They started this journey with two chefs and an idea. Now two years later they have a booming business, the same two chefs (good job as they are husband and wife) 2 cake hubs and an amazing team!

We currently provide products to restaurants, bars, event catering companies, ice cream outlets and cafes throughout South and West Yorkshire. BUT we want our product to be known UK wide or maybe even conquer the world, it’s too good not to share!

Oh and just so you know we bake our cakes with no animal products or eggs, which means suitable to Lacto vegetarians, vegans, and religious communities, which just makes it even better!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a Scoffington.

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Our Team

What do you get when you combine artistic flair, imagination, a love for cakes and a crazy work ethic… the Scoffingtons™ team of course!

Andy, Managing Director - Driver - Lord


Managing Director • Driver • Lord
Wendy, Managing Director - Master Baker - Lady


Managing Director • Master Baker • Lady
Phil - Head of Marketing


Head of Marketing
Vanessa - Admin/Social Media - Chief Taster


Admin/Social Media • Chief Taster
Shannon - Chief Scoffington Dipper


Chief Scoffington Dipper


Transport & Logistics


Transport & Logistics